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Do you know what is the BIGGEST challenge for all new Podcasters?

It is Finding New Listeners.

Get in Front of 500 Potential New Listeners. As Easy As 1... 2... 3...

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Finding listeners and getting your show in front of new audiences is hard - even for seasoned podcasts, because podcasts after all, are not a very viral medium.

Think about that: You - like most people - are probably doing a chore when listening to a podcast - doing the dishes, going for a run, walking the dog, digging through dirt in your garden...

So when you discover a great podcast, you are generally not in a great position to tell someone about it. A few hours later, you are back at your computer, but are you really still thinking about sharing that podcast on Facebook? No! You have already forgotten about the show and moved on to other important things - like watching cat videos, catching up with other people's birthday- and vacation photos, reading somebody else's extended rant, or simply arguing about politics or your favorite sports team.

How many podcasts have you ever listened to, and how many have you actually gone out of your way and recommended to social group or friends?

Exactly! You probably said "Zero".

Podcasts are simply NOT a viral medium. 

Only the biggest and baddest podcasts and "Pro" casts get all the press, all the social juice and word-of-mouth, because those podcasts also happen to have a large platform powering them - and a ready-made, large audience that shows up ready to support the show even before a single episode has been published!

The biggest shows get all the love. More people hear about it. Then they tell others because the shows are popular. That brings in more listeners. Who tell more people. And so it goes.

Not only do the rich get richer here, but the poor get way poorer.

So what can you and I do? What about us little guys?

Finding Nemo: Easier Than Finding Listeners

Your show is a diamond in the rough, except, no one is digging.

For most podcasters, constantly getting your show in front of new audiences is a huge, ongoing struggle... unless of course, you are already a celebrity and you have a legion of fans and followers - and an email list.

But what if you don't have a platform? Or a social following? Or an email list?

Where do you even begin to find people who will give your show a listen?

That's where comes to your rescue.

Every time you visit this web site - - a new podcast is shown at the top of the home page (also shown at the top of this page).

That means, if you submit your show, you too will get a chance to get in front of thousands of new listeners - for FREE!

Every page refresh gives the visitor a new show to try out - and that show could be yours.

You get a fair and equal chance to get in front of a new audience.

Podcasters: Find Listeners.

Listeners: Find Podcasts.

And you can now use this power of discovery for your own show - for FREE!

Click here to sign up and get free POD Credits so your own podcast can be displayed on our home page - for free!​

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Why KissMyRSS is Different

KissMyRSS is different from anything you've ever seen.

With most Podcast directories - like iTunes and Stitcher - the only way to be found is through the search results.

Sure, some of them offer a "New & Noteworthy" type of discovery feature for new podcasts - but even those are either hand-curated (like iTunes' N&N), or there's some kind of rating system built in.

Like to show up in search results, your show has to meet certain qualifications.

Or, to show up high in the search results, you must be getting certain results.

And forget about showing up in the top 150 of iTunes when there are tens of thousands of shows in your category. And then there's the rating system: How many downloads, how many ratings and reviews, how many subscribers, etc.

It is literally impossible for most new podcasters to get their show in front of new listeners, because no podcast directory makes discovery as simple and as much of a "no-brainer" like KissMyRSS.

If other podcast sites are "Capitalists", then KissMyRSS is a "Socialist": "Spread the wealth!" is the motto here.

So yes, whether your show is getting 10,000 downloads or 10 downloads, you have an equal and fair opportunity as every other podcaster to get on the home page.

And it's free.

That's why there's simply nothing else like

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What's In It For You?

You: The Listener

  • Uncover new Podcasts
  • Shows that you may never have found otherwise
  • Every refresh gives you the opportunity to uncover a hidden gem.
  • It's FREE!

You: The Podcaster

  • Discover new Listeners
  • Listeners that you may never have found otherwise
  • With every display of your show, you can discover a new listener.
  • It's FREE!

How Does It Work For Podcasters?

  • Submit your podcast: It's free!
  • Get 100 500 Free POD Credits (POD = Podcast Of the Day) for your podcast when you sign up for a free membership. (Each time your podcast is featured at the top of the page with a page refresh, it uses 1 POD Credit).
  • Simply by signing up for free, you can potentially get 100 500 new listeners, as your podcast is shown to visitors to this web site.
  • Your podcast enters our Collection (list of podcasts submitted by podcasters like you).
  • home page (this page) displays a podcast from the Collection every time this page is refreshed.
  • The shows are picked in a "True Round-Robin" manner. So if the Collection has 1,000 podcasts, then with each page refresh, one podcasts from the Collection will be displayed, in sequential fashion. So every single podcast in the Collection has an exact and equal opportunity to be heard by a visitor to this web site.
  • After you sign up, you get a special referral link that looks like this: - where 1234 is your user id.
  • Promote your referral link to others on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and even to your email list and web site visitors. Just don't spam.
  • For every single click that your affiliate link gets, you earn 1 Free POD Credit.
  • So if you send 10 visitors to this site through your affiliate link, you earn 10 POD Credits (home page displays) for your own show.
  • 1 Click on your link = 1 POD for your podcast.
  • ​Viral Spiral: You not only earn POD credits on your own referral link clicks, but you also earn 20% of the POD Credits from those who you refer. So you can keep earning POD Credits from other people's efforts. Viral traffic at its best.
  • You can earn POD Credits in other ways too. See section below.

How Can I Earn More PODs?

POD: Podcast Of the Day

1 POD Credit: 1 display of your podcast at the top of this page

  • 100 500 FREE POD Credits: Sign up for a Free Membership (Free credits for signing up is bumped up from 100 to 500 only during launch. After that, it will revert back to 100).
  • 1 FREE POD Credit: Per visitor who clicks on your referral link.
  • 30 50 FREE POD Credits: If that visitor signs up for a free account themselves.
  • 1 FREE POD: Bookmark your own referral link, and then visit it each day. Better yet, make it your home page in your browser! You get 1 POD each time you visit the link yourself. Only the first visit per day earns you a POD Credit. But feel free to visit the site any number of times a day to support other podcasters and their shows.
  • [VIRAL SPIRAL] Earn POD Credits from the efforts of those you refer. Get 1 FREE POD For Every 5 POD Credits earned by those YOU REFER! So if you refer 10 new free members, and they promote their referral link to others, then for every 5 new visitors THEY refer using THEIR link, YOU get 1 free POD Credit. That means, the more new members you refer, THEY do the work, and YOU keep earning POD endlessly... from THEIR efforts! And it's all FREE!


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Get 100 500 Free Impressions*

(* An impression is each time your podcast is displayed on the home page at the top)