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Independent Podcasts. Waiting For You To Discover Them.

If you want the biggest, baddest podcasts - you know, the "Pro" casts, the ones that have hundreds of thousands of downloads, a big marketing budget, a celebrity host, multiple full-time people on staff - then go check out iTunes or other fancy podcast directories - because this is not that kind of a site.

KissMyRSS is not a super-store, or a giant big-box store that has hundreds of thousands of items for sale.

KissMyRSS is that small thrift-shop near your house. It is like that local trinket store 'round the corner. It is that quaint little specialties shop where you can find something different, something not main-stream, something... special. And get excited like a child digging for hidden treasure on the beach.

Every time you visit, you'll find a new podcast to check out, right at the top of this page, without even having to scroll down.

This web site is the fastest way to check out a fun, new podcast.

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What's In It For You?

You: The Listener

  • Uncover new Podcasts
  • Shows that you may never have found otherwise
  • Every refresh gives you the opportunity to uncover a hidden gem.
  • It's FREE!

You: The Podcaster

  • Discover new Listeners
  • Listeners that you may never have found otherwise
  • With every display of your show, you get a chance to discover a new listener.
  • It's FREE!

Click here to find out how to put your show in front of 500 potential new Listeners and Subscribers - for FREE!